Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drama: Loosen up and Gain a New Perspective

I am thankful for our Fine Arts 406 class today. The musical energizer worked for me and helped me prepare for our exam. It has been a rough day and I found myself in a negative frame of thought developed through some frustrating interactions. Music allowed me to develop an idea of what type of object would move and how it would move to such an interesting beat. I imagined a gnome/dwarf character. Have you ever seen a garden gnome without a smile?

Drama is a force that allows you to compartmentalize a part of yourself in order to exchange your personality for a different perspective on your external and internal environment. I even moved around in my seat and kept the musical refrain and vision of my character going before our test. This helped me regain focus and reflect on how much I love drama and the arts. Some people meditate to find their center... drama is a great exercise to center yourself in other spaces!

I hope that we can participate in some challenges that require us to develop characters and consider gesture and voice. I might have to look at creating a challenge in this area myself.

If you have some ideas about how to create characters or some experiences you would like to share with me about how drama has helped you de-stress then please write me.

Hi ho, Hi ho, uga chucka uga uga uga chucka!


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