Monday, November 28, 2005

Festival of Trees & Downtown Lights: Time to Get Your Jingle On

This holiday season, Downtown Prince George Business Association is launching their new “Downtown Lights” campaign to celebrate all that is great about the season while beautifying the downtown with lights. Set to coincide with the Civic Plaza Light Up on Wednesday, November 23, lights and decorations will be in place for six weeks of viewing throughout the holiday season to delight children of all ages. (Prince George Business Association)

This weekend Tim and I checked out the Festival of Trees at the Civic Center. It was a great suggestion to see how Prince George really gets into the holiday spirit. The trees were terrific, the decorations were dazzling, and the donations from community members to the Prince George Hospital were impressive. It got me into the Christmas spirit.

I always loved helping to decorate the Christmas tree at my own house. My sister and I made many dough decorations with my mom. An annual decoration we loved hiding in our tree was a Canadian classic... demonstrating how you can really recycle materials (when you're a high school biology teacher). My dad received a Canadian Moose ornament on skates, made out of varnished moose droppings. This is taking science and art integration to another level. It was always something that got a few comments from our Christmas company.

I do like to make my own decorations and put ornaments with pictures of my family on my Christmas tree. For me it makes the process of decorating very personal and memorable.
If you would like to make some ornaments with your students or kids check out the salt dough recipe on my links or click here.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Chirtie said...

I completely relate to you about tree decorating... every ornament on my tree (when I have one) means something. One that is particularly precious is a little drum made from a toilet paper roll and shiny green wrapping paper that my Mom made the first Christmas she was married (when she was only 18!). Opening my ornament box is like opening a photo album, only better.


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