Friday, February 03, 2006

Books I Reccomend #2

Cathy talked about these books in class. The Macdonald Hall series by Gordon Korman are a set of my favorite books. However I thought I would let you know you should check your Scholastic Canada book orders while on practicum because these books are being re-released! They have an updated cover but the story should be just the same (and just as good). These books are great intermediate reads (Grades 6/7). Gordon Korman uses a lot of humor and the children in his books are portrayed as intelligent, crafty, and fun.

I would suggest they could be a good read aloud or good on your independent reading shelf. It is also neat to know that Gordon Korman wrote the first book in this series when he was a kid, only 12 years old. That should be inspirational to young authors in your own classroom.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

Great they are being re-released, now a new group of students can read them.

thanks for your comments about the aboriginal learning article you discussed Leah. (I couldn't post a comment, don't know why, it just wouldn't let me).

I thought your analogy with the Vatican was super... it really makes the point.

It reminded me of a film I once saw called "Barbeque area": it is an Australian film that does a race reversal in terms of the removal of "white" families from aboriginal communities. It is a "mock" documentary, and very ironically makes the point you do about how we universalize everthing to the North American middle class white world view.

Thanks for your contribution,



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