Friday, February 03, 2006

Books I Recommend #1

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

I loved the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. She is a wonderful author with engaging stories about realistic thoughts and questions of a young girl at home and at school. Ramona is usually in conflict with her older sister Beezus and usually getting into and out of trouble. I would recommend these books for Grade 3 and 4 level readers. There used to be a television series on PBS that dramatized the Beverly Cleary Ramona books. Canadian actress Sarah Polley played Ramona. I remember watching this as an 8-9 year old myself back in the 1980's. There are lots of good connections to themes about friendship, sharing, and sibling rivalry (family).

I know the DRC has Beverly Cleary books available as novel studies. I also found this website that provides teacher resources for anyone interested in using them during their practicum


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